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Aladdin Chain

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Aladdin Chain

As an open-source blockchain platform,
The Aladdin Chain Mainnet can be easily utilized
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Why Aladdin Chain ?

Aladdin Chain has an API that is optimized for a wide range of services and application development. It is an open-source platform, allowing easy blockchain construction.

Open Source

Aladdin Chain is one of the leading open-source platforms for blockchain innovation and performance.


Aladdin Chain’s DDPoS algorithm solves blockchain security challenges.


With Aladdin’s own technology ensures the scalability of DApps.


Data is always available and accessible to users when needed. It can also scale with a project as it grows.


The Aladdin Chain platform provides industry-leading transaction speeds.


Aladdin Chain securely manages Master Key to ensure that assets are kept safe on our service.

Get Started with the Aladdin Chain Developer

We create state-of-the-art technology and services through our own blockchain mainnet technology.


Want to learn how to build on Aladdin Chain? We’re to help get you started.


Build your blockchain-based application on the platform to help you learn the basics of Aladdin Chain.

Aladdin Chain APIs

Aladdin Chain Developers API to provide a convenient way to interact with blockchain.

Aladdin Chain Mainnet

The Aladdin Chain Blockchain is the platform’s next-generation blockchain mainnet, designed to let anyone easily build their own blockchain services.


Aladdin Chain is a 4th generation platform that further develops 3rd generation blockchain technology. It also solves scalability and security issues through a consensus algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof-of-Stake).


The Aladdin Chain Mainnet introduces a standard for Aladdin Chain tokens. It allows its users to transfer tokens, view the current token balance of an account and the total supply of tokens available on the network.


ADC Mining is a service that receives rewards just by holding ADCs in its own blockchain mainnet wallet. For your ADC coin to be fully utilized, Just hold ADC and get daily rewards.

Our Service


ADC Wallet

Manage your ADC assets with Aladdin Chain’s secure, transparent, and easy-to-use dedicated wallet.

ADC Mining

ADC Mining lets users receive rewards just by having them in their wallet.


ADC scan provides transparent, disclosed blockchain block information and transaction history to anyone.

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