The Power of Aladdin Chain

Aladdin Chain is an open-source public blockchain platform. It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications.

Aladdin Chain's Differentiated Advantages.

Aladdin Chain uses a 4th generation consensus algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof-of-Stake) which solves scalability, usability, and security issues of previous solutions.
DDPoS uses a total of 21 delegated nodes, where 17 Master nodes are fixed and the remaining 4 nodes are randomly selected.
Because of these arbitrarily chosen nodes, the risk of collusion between master nodes significantly decreases.
The technology is fast, accurate and safe – this means more applications, services and businesses can shift to a blockchain platform.
The consensus algorithm, DDPoS, is cutting-edge as it can handle 300,000 TPS and the consensus order of transactions are transparent, with a strong level of security that is fundamentally the most advanced in the market.

Aladdin Chain Features

Aladdin Chain's independent mainnet enables the best
of ADC and blockchains into an attractive feature set.

We offer dedicated blockchains, scalable consensus algorithms (DDPoS), customized mainnet environments.
We have further enhanced the security of the existing DPoS algorithm. It consists of 17 BPs (Block Provider) which are pre-determined and 4 randomly selected BOs (Block Observer), totaling 21 nodes.
Aladdin Chain's independent mainnet enables transaction processing and free ecosystem configuration and provides Web/App wallet generation and a stable service.
Open Source
Work together to build the free and open source Aladdin Chain developer community.
Proof of Stake
Use the Aladdin Chain platform as a secure foundation for your custom blockchain application.
Transaction Performance
Our DDPoS method performs 300,000 transactions per second and generates blocks every three seconds, making it suitable for service and excellent in stability.

An Ecosystem for Decentralization.

By combining our wide range of products and services,
the Aladdin Chain Platform provides a complete solution for Blockchain development.